say hello to march baby!

salam :-)
hey you guys!
i know i rarely updates my blog lately.
im having some issues with my broadband and still is. urgh!
im currently going online with my apartment's wifi.

since i already mentioned about my apartment so lemme start with that.
im currently renting a room at desa ilmu.
i have 13 housemates and 1 roommate.
8 of them are uitm student while the rest including me are unimas student.
im paying double for my room because i refuse to stay with another three people in this room.
and my apartment is cantik! lol!! and got tv ma.. heaven!

last monday i survived istana takeshi bus challenge.
i managed to stand in bus the whole way to my destination.
thanks a bunch to my sneakers and a pole. thank you pole!
you save me from anymore embarrassment moments! lol!

so lets talk a bit about the real stuff here.
the numbers of my friends in the lectures are decreasing.
even some that are still around are waiting for dean's approval to change the faculty *sigh*
even grace changed hers to faculty of economics and business.
good luck girl! i will miss you :'-(

oh yes! talking about friends.
im currently watching the birthday wish video made for pejul all the way in canada.
enjoy guys! salam :-)


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