salam :-)
yes i know im starting to update my blog quite frequently now..
is it because the digi wwwow awards? lol!!

yes im joining it again this year.
so it has been 2 years in a row..
i love to blog walking to other contestants blog.
searching for my kind of cup-of-tea blog.
to whoever think that my blog deserve a bit of recognition do click to my banner on the right!

oh before i forgot!
i actually wanted to spread the word about this website, fashiolista.
i joined it few weeks back and just had the time to explore it.
something else to do after looklet close their site.
you didnt know that! yes they did..
the reason i delete my link from facebook.
i was suppose to make an entry for my collections from looklet and it seems like it is still in the draft folder.
lets wait after i finish my midterm then i'll get back to it.

so i joined a contest of designing our own clothes.
so tada! like it? so do follow me and gimme some love bebeh!
mind the mannequin. its an auto. knowing my friends they would *read this crap then scroll down and said "wtf is wrong with amy's model. she's bald like britney or is that sharifah amani. and grey skin. avatar 2 is it or another alien from mars."*

i picked this scarf as my prize.

but im 100% sure im not going to win.. why?
this is the first sentence of the rules, it stated that "The Contest is open to all Fashiolista.com registered users that are citizens of a country in the European Union."
am i from there? no. am i a citizen there. no.
im doing this only for fun anyway..
but it would be nice if i win this scarf *sigh*

its not the end of the world aint it?
so lemme do it the old fashion way by searching and buy them online.
salam people. have a great weekends :-)


  1. hopefully you'll be the winner.
    all the best.
    don't put 100% failure.
    put only 80% or less.
    have some strength in you to be a winner.
    everybody can be a winner.

  2. its quite impossible dont you think so?


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