a date in the rain

salam :-)
i went out today with habib :-s
we went to popular because i want to buy some stuff there.
i can detect his ninja from afar because of the L sticker lol!!

so i bought some stationery.
and haruki murakami :-D
i thought of buying some malay novels.
but im so curious about murakami i bought that instead.

the sky was a bit gloomy.
but we went to sarawak plaza just to look around.
because we were a bit bored at tun jugah.

i had to go back at 1630 to pick up my mum..
when we went outside it was raining heavily.
i asked habib if we should buy an umbrella.

habib: sayang pakey jaket kamek? kita cross over jak okay?
me: aie tedah sayang basah..
habib: sikpa.. kejap jak.. beg mek ada bah.. jom?
me: sayang boh laju gilak jalan. mek takut kamek terusuk.
habib: satu.. duak.. tiga..

then we crossed over together.
hand in hand in rain :-)
i sound so lovey dovey lol!!

i love habib's clean cut look today.
honestly i think he made effort to dress up nicely because i always does.
habib's new haircut is somewhat look like bruno mars and i love them :-)
i wore the blouse he gave me for my birthday :-)
tapi sikpat kancing because the blouse is a bit small for me :-s

thats today.
pardon me for my lovey dovey post.
i havent meet habib for almost three months.
so yeah. salam people :-)


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