saying bye to 2011 and hi to 2012

salam :-)
happy new year dearest readers!
i hope your first chapter of 2012 was awesome!
i know i should be revising right now but..
so yeah! lol!

yesterday i just said hi to going-turning-20 this year.
im praying for.. i wont be cliche and said "better me" but matured me :-)
its time i become a bit more serious and stop fooling around.
i need to help more around the house *sigh*

lets do some recap and wrap 2011 shall we?
my grandma found out that something is growing under her breast just a few days before i entered unimas.
she refused to undergo standard surgery at the hospital so she went for islamic treatment in KL.
the operation's is postponed till this coming 5th of january.
pray for her health :-)

my sister aka scrooge nailed her PMR.
got straight a's *clapclapclap*
i know we fight a lot..
but still i wished you the best in life :-)

i failed my interview to take up architecture at utm.
i ended up taking computer science in unimas.
it was a bummer thought.. but im over it :-)
got alin's as my roommate and dina as my housemate.
went around with these two along with laila and fatin.
clicked with atul and amoi. even met shakira? lol!!

surprised birthday celebration. thank you guys!
you guys know who you are..
even those who wished through fb, twitter, text and some even called me :-)
i know im months younger than you guys.
janganlah dengki :-p

my first ever concert!
i went to watch zee avi's with faen.
fell for imran ishak.
im such a typical fangirl.

one of my best friend got engaged!
she need to tone down the personality a bit thought. lol!!
nikah gik.. aku nak pengilan eh! bila gik nak merasa nasik minyak..

survived my matriculation program.
had some issues with the roomies.
met a lot of awesome people..
aieeeee rindu aji efa, aji echa dengan aji emma :'-(

just realised the due date of programming assignment.
ran from lab to one of my seniors room.
mintak ajar oi. cayak ko..
and failed to submit my assignment sharp at 12 am. lol!!
adeh eh! memang sir syahid tok mamai time nya netap due date ya kali.

salah naet bas.. alu raon ke kampus timor.
alwayssss. memang selalu.
aku pun sik tauk apa kes dengan aku =.='

fight a lot with habib then made out.
is it me or is it him.. or us?
i really should get used to this.
i just made a list of not to do.
im pretty sure i'll be adding more things to it *sigh*

high school taught me about love.
i learnt to have crushes.
i learnt to value friendships.
i learnt that silent is powerful.

first time balit rumah at 12 am.
went out with aisyah, fizie, hafiz and azri.
we went for a meal and accompanied the boys play bowling.

i started to wear hijab this year. alhamdulillah :-)
it wasnt easy honestly. it took me a while to get used to it.
i took my time mastering how to belit-belit the selendang thingy. lol!!

thats a wrap i guess. its 6 already here.
i should get myself ready and all for nightfall.
have a blessed year people! salam :-)


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