im on break

salam :-)
im back home people!
im going to have a month break.
so ready for loads of updates from moi >;-)

don't ask about my exam.
gila babi susah though the tips were given.
honestly i think i would be repeating some papers :-/
oh well.. I'm done with my first semester a degree student. hip hip hurrah!
7 more semesters to go! insyaAllah :-)

and guess what people?
i don't get a room for next semester..
so i had to say goodbye to all the housemates :'-(
kalau malas turun aktiviti-aktiviti kolej emang begitu akibatnya.
so I'm on house hunting right now..
my dad found one though so we'll take a look at it next week.

as we all know.
my gramps underwent a surgery.
she's okay now but she can't do heavy works.
not even driving. so I'm on road duty officially starting tomorrow :-/

I'm definitely going to hold some movie marathon this break. muahahahahah!
the bliss of having a housemate that majoring in cinematography.
i mean ex-housemate. i took a lot of movies from her..
so yeah! and maybe some rerun of awkward.
I'm obsess with the show. or specifically with jack rosatti!
hand off fatin! he's mine. lol!!

I'm signing off people.
have to bring ze gramps and aunt for grocery shopping.
and i just arrived home yesterday :-/
salam :-)


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