random thoughts

salam :-)
im home being a lazy bum.
not doing any of my assignments.
i havent touch any of them yet..

last week i stayed at campus.
kononnya to do my assignments.
which tak pandai habis =.='
sumpah bosan okay! urgh!

honestly, i missed being independents. i really do.
i missed going out to town and when i tell ze parents they dont have a choice unless to trust me.
i missed hoping in and hoping out from the plane with only a backpack with me.
oh yea! i create a lot of confusion travelling with only a bag..
things in my bag are bantal busuk, toiletries, extra clean clothes, phone charger, headset, matrics card, keys, laptop and a novel.
thats it and im off to go.

studying near to home make me realised that i took lots of thing for granted.
i hate myself for doing that. plus i dont own so much freedom anymore.
im almost done for a semester and i have another 7 semester to go.
that is a long journey ahead.

lets reminisce on the past.
from such a young age i already planned my future.
what i want to be when i grow up.
what i need to do to achieve it.

i wanted to be an accountant or a news anchor.
but things change along the way..
i figured that working in construction field would be awesome too..
but i guess its my rezeki to be in IT field.
Allah has other plan for me.

so lets make the best out of everything.
its the least that i can do.
have a nice weekend peeps
salam :-)


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