its all about you

salam :-) hey guys!
i know i havent update my blog for a while.
i've been freaking busy.
its study week now so yeah ...

last saturday, i layan cinderella di awal pagi.
bangun-bangun terus wash all my clothes.
then wash my sink and ze bathroom.
my mom must be proud of moi. lol!!

then at night, got some small gathering.
held makan selamat for my grandma since she's going to KL to undergo her operation.
her flight is tonight. my aunt is going to accompany her..
then belated birthday celebration for both her and me.
im on 14th and my grandma is on 19th.
plus my sister got straight a's for her pmr..

im back at campus on sunday because apparently i still have assignments to submit *sigh*
the silver lining was that i got to do good deeds.
switches at ze housemates room broke.
so they all borrowed mine.

ieja: amy buat ape tu?
me: assignments ja..
ieja: eh tu cd cerite eh?
me: aah. beastly. nak pinjam ke?
ieja: macam muke amy si vanessa *belek-belek the cd*
me: terime kaseh *grin*
ieja: dah sudah die perasan.. tarik balik!
me: jahatttt tol.. burok siku!
eija: :-p

thank you ja..
i know you meant it walaupun kenyataan tu ditarik balik.
perasan sekejap ada boyfriend hot macam zac efron. lol!!
i mean its not the first i got..
my aunt also said so whenever she watched high school musical.
Alhamdullillah xleh riak hoi..
lagi-lagi nak exam camnie.

yesterday, i spent the whole evening at manisah's room.
doing our assignments.
i didnt know what to do since im done with my part so i tolong beli makanan for manis and amoi.
saye tau saye sweet :-p
lega giler bile assignment dah siap.
so tada! check it out..
walaupun karya kami tak seberapa.
my part is background music is its all about you - mclfy
salam! have a nice holiday :-)


  1. yer..mcm ku kenal scene melamar dr kamera. haha

  2. scene propose ya mek x tiru dr nak miak ipt ya. mek tiru dr hlovate pun novel. tlg lah..


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