disney princess

salam :-)
if i were a disney princess, i'll most probably be mulan.
because it seems like we have something in common.
we have a pet which is a cengkerik. lol!!

apparently this particular cengkerik has been keeping me company for this entire week.
he has been amused me with his singing when night falls.
i tried to chase it away but it seems like he love living in my sink.
plus i dont have the heart to kill it.
so i let him stay there.
my own cri-kee :-)

he's quiet when day comes.
i think he went to sleep.
whenever i need to use the sink, he'll hide himself until im done with my business.
i know right? my little cengkerik is a clever pet.
i would love to post his picture here but he's camera shy.. lol!!
salam! have a nice weekends :-)


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