salam :-)
it has been a few days i've turned 19.
Alhamdulillah. i pray for another bless year.
thank you everyone for the wishes and the surpises :-D

it was almost 1 am at that time.
i was already curling in my blanket.
suddenly fatin said "amy.. ada org mok jumpa".
i was like tgh mlm gila apa?? i my head lah cause i was a bit mamai.
then amoi came in with a cake so all three of them including atul sang me the birthday song.
thank you guys! thank you for the yummy secret recipe cake.
fatin said i should emphasize on that.
thank you for the gift! squishy ladybug. i love it!

then on the day alin and fatin brought me to eat dinner at pizza hut.
agik maok tak duak ya berbulak dengan kmk..
honestly at first i didnt realised the suprise.
until the waitress took the "reserved" sign away from table.
then they started to dine our food without us ordering them.
after that the waitress gave me a small cake.
fatin and alin insisted to sing the birthday song.
but i said "NOOOOOOOOOOOOO". so yeah! haha!
thanks you guys for the bag, pretty shawl, pins and card :-)

again guys! thanks for everything :-)
my birthday was the same with my cousin iman liyana.
she's my usu daughter. happy birthday iman :-*
and the next day is also my other cousin birthday.
happy birthday dearest izan! im so sorry it slipped my mind that night.
im such a bad cousin :-( come to kuching then i'll make it up to you..
salam :-)


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