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the boys who
1. play volleyball: its been a while since the last time habib played volleyball.
2. don't smoke: habib don't smoke because he just don't :-)
3. watch you while you sleep: i fell asleep while we were skyping and he stayed on the line for a while just to watch me sleep.
4. will wait for you: fell for me when we were 17. got rejected when we were 18. got back together when we are 19 :-p
5. tell their friends they're in love: he does okay. that's why aizat always has this smirk that i really want to wipe off his face whenever he saw me.
6. don't want you to go: he always has this hard time when we part away after dates.
7. you can tell all your secrets: he knows everything. he keep track of my menstrual cycle.
8. look at you and smile: always except when he wanted to annoy me so he made his serious face instead
9. like to travel: his latest trip was to mukah
10. can't stay mad at you: he can't especially when we are out together
11. are your best friends: he started off as a tuition mate, friend and best friends
12. text you first: when he can't stand waiting for me to text first
13. have late night calls with you: its been a while because line at his campus sucks
14. take you to the cinema: the latest movie we watched together was johny english.
15. can cook: he can but i can't :-p
16. are taller than you: people called me weird because im tall for a girl but hey its okay as long as my boyfriend is taller than me
17. worry about you: when im out at night with friends, my inbox is always full with texts from mama, bapak and habib
18. text you good morning: the reasons i started my day with a smile on my face
19. want to have kids someday: habib want a son named haider
20. are good with kids: the reason hanif like to play with him
21. want to get married: he saw the design for my wedding dress so asked me to design his suit too
22. smell good: he does :-)
23. will listen to your stories: its weird for him if i don't have stories to share
24. have curly hair: i wished he'll keep his hair long again this coming semester break
25. you can talk for hour: :-)
26. left you alone: when i told him i want to
28. like photography: his hobby
29. broke your heart: he's not perfect, he broke it but he always put back the pieces back again
30. take you out: we went on dates when we have time and of course cash. lol!! stars with you: not stars but moon, the day the moon was the closest to the earth he called me and said "hey! go outside and look at the moon."

rindu habib :-(
im out of credit and he's back in campus.
its study week and he need to avoid distractions.
the picture, rare side of habib.
pendek dan gemok dari bob :-p
im a bad influence..


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