rocking saturday

salam :-)
as everyone knows.
i had a sharing session with alumni from my faculty on saturday morning.
there is one alumni who used to work with microsoft! o.o i know right.
she said she didnt had the difficulties to find jobs but she did had difficulties to choose jobs.
i mean she's great at what she does so of course people offer her 5 digits salary.
yaRabbi pray for me to be successful like her. Amin :-)

as i reached home i unpacked a little then went to fetch ernie.
she accompanied me to do some research at wisma seberkas.
i met some of my lecture mates there.
we ate some yummy rojak first before heading back.
and i went to parkson a while just to see habib's face for 5 minutes :-s
im lame liddat.

my first ever concert!
honestly i thought that it would be one crowded concert. but it was not at all.
i mean premier tickets means you get to sit down. so yeah!
thats why i wore the blue band instead of green :-s
my mom gave me the tickets. i went with faen :-)
it was awesome. the stage was so cool.
narmi did the opening and i fell in love with his song, cair.
zee avi was rocking and even sang pumped up kicks.
i had one fun night! you go girl!

p/s salam maal hijrah everyone :-)


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