my happiest moment

my happiest moment would be time I spent in labuan.
at first, I hesitate to further my study over there.
I've been through a hell of orientation week.
I never had enough sleep because of the packed schedule.
the never-ending-no-water-supply problem.
the long queue waiting to use bathrooms.
my first day of class, I didn't bath.
the water was gone by the time it was my turn to shower.

but hey! all those moments are precious to me.
I didn't went through all of those alone.
I had my friends. they were my family there.
I'm not the only one who didn't manage to bath on that first day.
I'm not the only one who walked like a zombie to class everyday.
I'm not the only one who sleeps in the lectures, or didn't finish my assignments on time.

this photo was taken on our last day together as classmates.
we had a class party with theme pink and black.
we decorate a tutorial room with do-it-yourself decorations.
we blew too much balloons until we cant feel our mouth anymore.
we reuse the black clothes we bought for our english musical sketch, romeo & juliet as table clothes.
we made some lanterns from mineral water bottles and roses from papers.

we had an exchanged gifts sessions on that day..
by the end of the day, its not the gifts that matter.
its how we had each others back the whole year as classmates.
there were Cornelius the class clown, Echa the clumsy one, Emma the perky girl, Efa the hardworking, Horace the cunning one, and Jack the brainy one.
this photo is the perfect wrapped up for my one year in labuan :-)


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