salam :-)
i never knew my friends can be models. lol!!
there was this gatsby like my look contest search was held days ago in unimas.
now the online voting is open
check them out!

azri! fakulti kejuruteraan.

is! fakulti kejuruteraan.

zik! fakulti kejuruteraan.

den! fakulti kejuruteraan.

anip! fakulti kejuruteraan.

qaedi! fakulti kejuruteraan.

ronald! fakulti sains komputer dan teknologi maklumat.

sumpah lawak XD
anyway the only reasons they join this because sabrina and marshitah made them. lol!!
sab and mars took the job to promote the gatsby and they had to conduct surveys on 100 boys.
since there are both of them, 2x100=200.
mars is the one with azri and is.
sab is the one with ziq, den and anip.
check the site guys! and vote for them :-)


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