salam :-)
ever wonder when will your time comes?
will you be able to meet your family and friends before you go?
will you made it to apologize to everyone you had done wrong to?
and the most important is will you be able to say the syahadah before you close your eyes.

when im gone.
will you guys pray for me in the other world?
what will you guys remember about me?
will you guys missed me?

i read kak nurul's blog just now.
she lost her friend. she made a video dedication for her friend.
honestly the background song made me cry though i never met arwah. Al-Fatihah.

to everyone, im sorry for all my wrong doings.
when my time comes, do pray for me in the other world.
we never know when its time for us to meet The Creator.
may Allah place us in the highest level of Jannah. Amin.


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