bitch mode activated

i don't know what is wrong with me.
i woke up after nap yesterday evening.
and suddenly had the strength of the hulk.
i managed to merentap sampai patah my hanger and the windows handler.
macam hiperbola kan.. meh tengok bukti.

i failed my calculus mid-term paper.
sikit gik nak lulus :-/
the assignments and projects keep on coming in :-(
i need to do my CA assignments by this saturday.
then the OS assignments by tuesday.
animation projects..

i have to attend a talk tomorrow morning with the alumni from our faculty.
im not sure when im going back home.
because i need to head straight to wisma seberkas to do my research on pc.
and guess what?
my mid-term programming paper is tonight.

wish me luck and pray for my strength.
i keep on leashing my frustration towards abib.
please bear with me.
macam nak period bah..
my whole body got cramps.


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