what a day :-)

salam :-)
im home yeah!
daddy was being nice and rajin to pick me up yesterday evening.
im going back to campus this evening though.

last thursday, i started my discrete mathematics tutorial class.
i didnt see this coming butttt
my lecturer is a black man..
his name is mr.eze.. soft-spoker indeed.
i hope i didnt gave him any weird vibe or anything.
because i think i did.. lets hope he didnt notice it.

last friday, i went for dinner with atul and amoi.
alin and fatin went back already.
we had mentor mentee day the next day thats why we cant go back that night.

atul: mok ekot mek 2 amoi dinner x kaktok?
me: mok!! nunggu lok.. baruk kak mandik tok..
atul: bekemban jak kau turun bah.. alu tergoda mak cik tomboy dengan pondan nangga kau..
me: tulah kau!! x senonoh.
atul: berdarah idong pondan ya lak.. lu jadi lelaki sejati nya ntam kau..
me: lol!! bodo kau.. esok ambik order lu gero soranya.
atul: ahahahahahha! bodo kau..

thats practically how our conversation went on.
atul dengan amoi ngajar aku benda x senonoh jak2.
even ze boyfriend told me the 3 of us sangat similar and tidak senonoh :-s
but then again he said thats what amused him.. lol!!
sayang x senonoh juak :-p

my mentor is professor doctor tan chong eng.
a very motivated young man..
eh! scratch the young. he's not that young anymore.
and guess what! highlight of the day!
shakira lam group aku juak.

shakira: im sorry that im late.
prof: never mind. whats ur name again?
shakira: shakira bukan nama sebenar
prof: okay. lets continue.

after a while..

kristy: anyone wants some extra food?
everyone: no thanks.
shakira: i want some.
me: o.o
lydia: *tugged me by the elbow*
me: *flashed a smirk to lydia*
lydia: x tahan mek nak perey..
both of us: ahahahahahahahahah!

yahhhhh! ney ndak x banyak gik dosa ku kat shakira.
nang dugaan miak ya.

we went on with some activities.
we made a tower with shoes, umbrellas and paper.
our own pisa tower which fell some time after that.
good job though to everyone!

during lunch time..

me: ney dayang dgn shu?
izyan: g toilet nya 2..
atul: banyak lebih makan owh.. rami miak x dtg..
amoi: yalah tek.. ambik ju k mbak balit.
me: ndak ku! lak dak senior pdh ku rangkak.
atul: jaek atiku nangga shakira mkn srg..
me: dah gik netak nya.. tedah doe..
atul: dayang.. dudok tak dgn laki tak cnun.
dayang: heh!! x betah..

suddenly we saw shakira stood up and headed to the seniors table.
OMG!! he asked for the second help.
and of course all of us laughed our heart out..
we're so mean kan..
ntah2 this guy will be our boss in the future..

the activities went on after that.
it was fun! i mean i rarely volunteer myself in that kind of stuff if im alone but then again i was like wth.. so i volunteer myself doing the fast food.
then there was guessing actions, walking blindfolded.
and i was anticipating this one.. flip the plastic bag..
10 of us stood on one plastic bag and we have to flip the plastic bag over without help from the outside.
so we tied our best not to fall and even stood on someone else feet.
thank you seniors! i had a blast :-D


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