voicing out

this post is going to be a bit different from the rest.
this is just me giving some info on my hometown. not to bashed back anyone.
to move forward everyone need to be open minded as long as not going the opposite way of the religion. agree?

studying in unimas make me realised one thing.
students who never been to sarawak always look down on us.
yes! we agree our development is slower than peninsular.
but that doesnt mean u guys can be rude and talk trashy about our hometown.

i remember some friends of fiza went here for their semester break last time.
they made use of google so they could visit interesting places here.
see.. thats how wise people do it. the correct way..

let me be clear of some part of sarawak.
there are some part of it which required everyone to show their ic.
its because that part of area are usually used by pati to enter sarawak.

people in sarawak are pretty much more or less same as people in peninsular.
we are human. pretty much the same.
Allah didnt made us different because of the place we were born.

i heard a story that some peninsular student hit a car while they were in town.
i guess its their bad luck because they bumped into one rude guy..
not everyone in kuching have those bad behaviour people.
some people are nice some people well ...
dont judge us as quick and easy as that.

i dont like talking about sensitive issues like this.
it give me uneasy and uncomfortable feeling.
im not even into those politician thing.
i mean why people like to bring up these kind of issues.
isnt it enough for us to live in peace and harmony?
one thing i always do before i judge others is putting myself into their shoes.
i recommend everyone try it so u can see the reasons of their actions.

this coming mid-term break, syirah asked me to be the tour guide.
so i said yes.. its not like i have things to do anyway.
so im probably going to bring them to one jaya, spring and boulevard.
mesti syirah dengan amoi nak shopping kan..

the spring

one jaya mall


next stop lepas shopping mesti lapar..
we can stop at madam tang's for awesome laksa sarawak.
if they want more variety we can stop at benteng satok.
somehow somewhat like benteng satok but nicer view we can stop at kubah ria..
kalau bajet lebih sikit boleh jer pergi khatulistiwa dengan mango tree.
kalau bajet banyak? boleh pergi top spot :-p

madam tang's

benteng satok

kubah ria


mango tree


lepas tu.. tengoklah nanti nak tengok wayang ke ape..
so people! this is a bit of kuching.
i only write places im afford to drive to.
kalau nak pergi santubong ke mak aiiii
jaoh giler. tak yah lah dulu. hehe!
salam people :-)


  1. embak pegi kolam rah Dun lamak..tempat kau shooting form 5 dolok..haha

  2. apa jd dgn projek ktk ya bah? hahahahahaha

  3. nakkah cekgu mat lamat sikda nunggah nyuroh presentation..alu smua lah sik present.Tapi,at least grup lain ada promote lam blog lah,apa lah..kita langsong sekda! haha..nang sulit abis eh


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