salam :-)
i know i dont frequently posts much nowadays.
pardon me for that.
i mean 18 credit hours is a hell.

i went home last week as usual.
i went to buy some stuff at popular and guardian.
i went with habib. hehehehehe!
i missed my man..
i try to spend my free time with him..
i always fell asleep when he called or text at night.
even alin understand if my phone beeps for few times that means im not replying texts from habib
im asleep already :-p

i dont think i mention anything about my grandma in previous posts.
my grandma found out she had something is growing near her breast.
its sort of serious because the clinic's doctor asked her to refer to the specialists.
so currently she is back and forth from home to the hospital.
the doctor decided she should undergo surgery to remove it.
she is scheduling to undergo the surgery this coming 19th.
i wish i could be there at that time.
she asked me not to worry so much.
knowing her.. she hate clinics, hospital and let alone surgery.
my family is trying to get help by the traditional way..
im asking my followers and the readers to pray for my grandma's health.
may Allah bless u guy:'-)

last monday night, i sent a text to my sister.
me: girl! goodluck for pmr. i know u can do it. no pressure love.
her: okay. tq! i dont feel any pressure at all. im watching tv right now.
me: its freaking 11 something at night, why are u still up. go and sleep early.
her: good shows are on tonight. stop nagging.
me: =.=' so if u feel like u need some inspiration just remember my face.
her: u wish! u just go and sleep. then later when ur home complaining not enough rest some more. dont disturb me and my alone moment.
me: uuuu old lady much!
her: whatever! dont want to reply anymore. tata!
me: baibaibaibaibai
her: ur such an annoying older sister. act like kids.
me: later nenek. u r so boring.

after that she dont reply me anymore.
dearest sister, melissa binti roslan!
goodluck for the pmr..
im supporting u all the way u smarty pants.
im not sure if u know this but dad mms me ur picture.
sweetheart of the school ah u..
top 10 of the entire batch for the trial.
i only got 3a's when i took my trial. u got 7a's 1b!
dad is so going to pressure u all the way.. lol!!
im such an evil sister :-p

yesterday i had my first ever soft skill class.
shakira was in that class too..
our source of entertainment.
we were supposed to do a presentation on social network.
he suddenly mentioned the word fuck in front of the lecturer.
then the mood of the class dampened a bit.
it inappropriate dude! u cant say that in a class.
luckily it was the last presentation and we were excused early after that.
should i be happy or not? u tell me. later people!


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