rising taste

salam :-)
i received an email from a clothing website called Rising Taste to create a post about their website.
so here goes nothing.

rising taste is a china based company.
it ships products worldwide and linked with paypal and fedex.
it has a guarantee satisfied return policy.

awesome stuff!
amoy is drooling next to me.
she had to fight the urge not to bother what im browsing at.
do check them out!
click the link above or the banner on the right side of the blog.
happy shopping :-)


  1. cdak xda branch d msia ka? mahal la lau jadi nya nak? pric epun xda show Rm price~

  2. xda ngeng! plg mhl brg nya 40$ darab 3 nie.. xjuak mhl koh.. ada yg 11$ darab 3 rm33 jak bah.. x include postage gik lah.. but not bad lah..

  3. Rising taste is a horrible company. They DO NOT offer "a guarantee satisfied return policy." They don't take fault for their mistakes & have horrible correspondence with customers. It took me Months to finally get them to agree to a full refund for sending me the wrong size! DONT ORDER FROM THEM!

  4. okay. wow.. i havent order anything yet from them.


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