expect the unexpected

salam :-)
last sunday i went out with moon and fatin.
it was not a plan though.
they were already at spring when i went there.
then i took them to satok and choice food.
moon bought a pair of slipper.
hers was stolen.
then i sent them home.

i studied some commands in OS lab..
i had fun believe it or not..
its sort of cool to command the computer using only terminal.
i should stop before i bored u guys kan..
im turning into a geek o.o

i had some acting activities in soft skill class.
i was the bomoh in the stories.
i was team up with jason.
this one really sporting guy..
so it was fun.. im not a fan of a hambarrrrr group mates.

yesterday i made a huge mistakes!
i had a cup of milo for breakfast.
as everyone know, its a no-no for me on school days.
paham sik kau aku nang nahan ngantok eh sehari-hari.
the effect was until night time.
i even fell asleep on ze floor :-s
lyn woke me up and told me to sleep properly on the bed..

this morning i had some poret session with a senior.
sik alang-alang poret pey hal roommates nya ku korek ku.
kakak ya nang suka juak bersusey ney ndak betol mek orang tek..
i actually used my one hour time in the lab talking with her.. lol!!

then i had a programming quiz!
i screwed them..
never in my life sat for such difficult multiple choice questions.
banyak tetak banyak nangis.
the perfect say to describe my day..

i was suppose to have a disccusion with amoi, atul and manisah for our assignments.
i was in cais which is ze unimas library for 4 freaking hours!
me and amoi were waiting for atul and manisah who promised us to meet up at 1 after they finished their class but then showed up at 2.30 o'clock.
pindaan yang telah dilakukan tanpa pengetahuan saya dan amoi.
atul mbak palak ya confirm. nang janji melayu kau ya tul..
lain kali relod phone kau ya lok pasya mesej padah delay.
tok nak alang-alang nak kol 2 baruknya relod padah delay kol 2.30

speaking of cais..
i met a guy somewhat somehow like kurt from glee.
paham sik kau dari jaoh ku dah dapat detect nya..
pa cam ari panas p nya pakey trench coat. cayak ko?!
ya tek time ku lalu alu nya pasang shade nya..
kalah lepar aku tok ompuan eh g kelas.
nya g kelas k platform kayu ya eh nak tebal nak mampus ya eh. yaRabbi!


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