salam :-)
a few nights ago i had a conversation with alin and fatin.
i asked them if it is too much if i asked money from my parents to buy things i want to buy instead of things i need to buy.
currently they support me financially.
i dont have ptptn loan money or whatsoever.

they give me at least rm70 a week.
when they give rm100 the extras is for me to but my needs.
the thing is they thought im too boros.
and im like rm70 a week is for meals only.
if im out of credits on any days and u refuse to reload my phone then suddenly i was stranded in an unknown place i might die there.
i was being a little bit dramatic.
but isnt its true?

my mom text me this morning:
mama: is the money enough?
me: sure. reload my phone though asap whenever i need to reload them.
mama: reload ur phone first now. later i pay u back.
me: maaaa.. when r u going to pay me back? the atm machine in campus is not maps. if im in need i have to rent a car to go to the other campus which cost me extra rm6.. or u r the one who need to go up there to unimas to send them to me. im going to be short of cash any days.
mama: tomorrow. mama promise.
me: fine. last week i was short of cash because u refuse to reload my phone. i ate maggi last friday night alone in the room :'-( and u know im not a fan of maggi.
mama: pity u.. later on if u r short of money do they us.
me: u always tell me boros. how im going to ask for more money. there was this one week, i had porridge for those 5 freaking days for lunch. on dinner then i can have yummy normal food. that week u refuse to reload for me so i had to reload by myself :'-(

then my mom didnt reply anymore.
i think she went speechless.
i mean seriously the cheapest meal u can buy is at least rm3.
im not that boros u know.
this week i need to buy my lens.
its either that or new spects.
new spects cost more.
i know how to handle my money.
my parents always thought im bad at it.

comparison between sisters.
shes in high school.
u r comparing her expenses to me?
the only money she need is for her lunch break.
last time she went to kl.
she bought a batwing and a sandal for me.
those two item only.
then there was this day "kakak, grandma said ur stuff is too much already."
i was like what???? what else did u bought for me?
she said those two only.
biased eh!!!! she bought 3 bags on last trip which 2 of them cost her rm100+ but no one said a word. why????!!!!

just now i made some time to clean my room a bit..
organise my things and my closet.
suddenly my grandma came in and said "why suddenly so hardworking, salu kain kalas jak."
i thought to myself whatever so i didnt said a word.
then my aunt came in "eh!! why?"

she went out the came in again:
aunt: can i ask u a question.
me: sure.
aunt: why so suddenly.
me: i always clean my closet. no one ever saw it. everyone is assuming me some lazy ass. then today its a miracle? do i have to put up a notice whenever i clean my room so everyone knows about it.
okay itu adalah tokok tambah luahan perasaan. i didnt actually said that. i wanted to say that. the real deal was i said "nothing (nak lari dr rumah)" in bracket is me having monologue.

honestly my family is biased towards my sister.
even my brother knows it.
its like there is no big deal if she spend too much or being in a bad mood.
but in my case, its a huge deal.
everyone have their own says in the matters.

last night:
brother: whos cap is this? *putting on his head*
me: not me thought.
brother: then who? *posing in front of the mirror*
me: kakak dedek.
brother: *hands off* lets pretend i never even touched those.

why am i in unimas?
i should be placed in somewhere far..
the good thing if i study far is that, i wont have to deal with these stuff.
i'll be nicer to my family no matter how biased they are..
give me a break people!


  1. paham saya My
    blanja pake makan ajak nang dah besar
    tlipon gik,sedang dah jimat gik sendat rasa nyawa.ilek ah.


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