wrapping the first week

salam :-)
pardon me for being emo in the last post.
im back to cheerful me.
so let me go on with ze unimas.

on tuesday the second day.
we have 3 hours break between classes.
so we went back to our own apartment.

atul: hoi! kitak cney?
me: pahal? bilitlah.
atul: kelas oi kol 2!
me: kelas apa? tok kol berapa?
atul: nak kol 2 dah hari tok..
me: shittttt! mek tertido oi. jap ah. kaktok mek turun.

i felt asleep.
with ze laptop on.
i refresh myself.
shut down the laptop and rushed downstairs.
we were a bit late for the lecture.
just a bit..

on the night we had an activity to came up a useful applications of umbrella to help the OKU.
i was the blind man.. our was boring.
but the other group was awesome.
a job well done to the other group.

classes went on as usual on the next day..
on our way back home. i remembered that i forgot something important.
i forgot our monthsarry which was a few days ago.
i was exhausted from everything that i forgot about it.
habib is sort of used to the idea that im superduperpelupak.
plus i keep on fell asleep whenever we are on the phone these few days.
im excuse because of the packed schedule.

we had a talent show on the night.
i volunteered to be a narrator.
there's no way im participating in the play.
malas bah.. we had fun definitely.
though we didnt get picked to perform on our orientation closing ceremony.

i slept alone that night.
alin went back home early.
she had no class on the next day.
being a bio tech student is heaven.
their credit hour is only 12 man..
compare to us which is 18.

my mom kept on pestering me to go back on thursday evening but i still had to attend the closing ceremony on the night.
so i went back home on friday morning.
it was a simple ceremony.
even our dean is a simple man.
he laughed at how nervous our president was during the ceremony.
that was a wrapped on my first week in unimas :-)


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