rough week

last week was a bit rough for me.
we went for second hand books sale at bhep.
bhep stands for bangunan hal ehwal murid.
it turned out that only one senior was selling her used books there.
and guess what?
by the time we would like to take a look of the books.
shakira took this whole box containing books of our course and took it away.
x merik-merik gik mukanya.
mpunlah kau cya..

the day wasnt any helping either.
on our back to the dorm.
suddenly it was raining heavily.
by the time we reached our dorm.
we were soaking wet.
our pants were wet from the waist and below.
nang mandiklah eh.

on thursday morning, i kept on going to the toilet.
at first i thought i had some food poisoning.
then i started to throw up.
the only way i could sleep was by sitting.
so i did slept that way.
me and lin went to the clinic.
we went as early as 8..
the medical officer was there but no...
the clinic was not open until 9..

i was really hungry but i couldnt digest anything.
i tried some porridge still i threw everything away.
i was given medicines only and no sick leave.
i couldnt even stand walking properly.
so i escaped my classes for that day.
luckily only one class took attendance.

i started to feel better.
but still feeling a bit feverish.
i pretty much slept in that day.
i went out to cafe with fatin and lin to have some dinner.
then i started to feel dizzy and all.
i couldnt eat. i drank some hot milo.
which i threw away in the drain near the cafe.
i had to stop walking and sit for every 3 minutes.

i managed to reach my room by myself.
lin and fatin got class to attend.
i took a nap for a while.
then i kept on puking.
lin got scared by the time she went back.
i looked pale.
my housemates were ready to call the head of the dorm by that time.
i refuse to go to the clinic again so i just went to sleep.

i dont think i could afford to miss more classes.
so i woke up early the next day and get ready for my classes.
i was fine until the afternoon.
i started to get dizzy again.
me and amoi went to the sakura to buy some food.
by that time i couldnt even stand up.
we took the bus which somehow end up at the other part of the unimas.

uncle: everyone need to go out. the bus will only move again at 1.30 pm
me: but its just 12.40. isnt there any other bus?
uncle: its friday. we have to perform our friday prayer today.
me: im begging you, uncle. im sick i couldnt even stand up. please sent me to my dorm.

it took him a while to think of it.
but he agreed to sent us back to our dorm.
i was really grateful.
thank you uncle!
may Allah bless you :-D

amoi sent me back to my room.
lin was ready to go for her faculty orientation.
lin kept on asking when is my parents going to pick me up.
she was worried because i turned pale again.
i slept in until my parents picked me up in the evening.

we went straight to merdeka palace.
my aunt booked a room there.
just for fun since the tyt birthday celebration was going to be held over there.
i slept early that night.
couldnt care less.

i felt soooo much better the next day.
i woke up early and hit the shower.
we went for breakfast downstairs.
i guess there is something about good food that makes me feel very refreshing. lol!!

im healthy again!
i should get ready for my next class.
till then!


  1. bhep = bangunan hal ehwal murid? where the "P" go? lol

  2. typo lah mak cik fatin.. its supposed to be pelajar :-P


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