my need to shop

salam :-)
this week i got 2 quizzes and tomorrow i have 1 test.
i blew my computer architecture and calculus test.
i drew all those connecting wires wrong and did some silly mistakes during calculations.
pray for me for programming tomorrow okies?

during the multimedia technology class.
tuan haji showed us some awesome flash game.
draw a stick man. click it and check it out!
i was so sleepy during the class.
when he played this i was suddenly fully awake. lol!!

finally i met my discrete mathematics lecturer.
he's very scary okay.
he's like "please occupied the front seats first. i doubt u guys can see clearly from back there. and im sure the front seats are enough for everyone since they are made for what? 250 students? please switch all of ur phones off or i'll throw u and ur phone outside if it rings in my class. i dont know why many students fail my class, its easy. u know what? its because u guys never listen to what i say. thats why."
im so scared of him. i dont even dare to yawn in his class.

im desperate for books right now.
i checked out every bookstores in kuching.
i only managed to find my programming book.
Allah borrowed me His wisdom this evening.
guess what? i searched them online and found 2 more.
so i contacted these people that are selling them and asked if they are still available.
im waiting for the replies. i hope they still have them.

because of books i had to fight my urge to shop :'-(
i just checked out some of my favourite blog shops.
i mean look at these! im drooling man..
im going crazy!


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