first post from unimas

salam :-)
im currently at unimas.
i slept alone last night because ze roommate went back already.
pity me :'-(
our faculty has one of the busiest schedule.
we are packed everyday, day and night.

im staying at kolej bunga raya.
i live in a apartment of 9 people.
i share my room with lin..
next door are scherlie and winnie.
front are dina, kak syidah and kak eyja.
the other two single rooms are lucy and jo.
we have a living room, kitchen and veranda.
the showers are separate from the toilets.

on the registration day, me and lin are together.
we waited for almost an hour because ze LO overlooked us who are sitting at the back.
so i raised my hand and said "kak.. kami lame dah tunggu nie.. apesal budak-budak yang dudok depan jer yang asyik kena panggil masok"
what can i say.. im annoyed.
dont cut my queue man..
when we went inside, me and lin asked to have a room together ;-)

the orientation week was a hell.
no ragging but dragging lots of time.
our college is the farthest from the hall.
plus holding the most number of residents.
we always the first to enter the hall and the latter to leave.
we're not allowed to go back at break time because it took a lot of time to reach our college.
we took at least 20 minutes to reach the hall on foot.
everyday the orientation ended around 11-12 in the morning.

the thing that lifted all the burden away is having fun friends around.
so me, lin, dina, laila and fatin are in this together.
we always sat ourselves at the back so we could watch the small tv.
somehow the tv is more important than the big screen.
why i said so?
the tv capture faces of students who had their 30 seconds of fame.
faces of students who fell asleep, playing angry birds and sending texts during the talk.
it even zoom in the text.
the 5 of us tried our best not to be famous in one day and menahan ngantok yang amat sangat sampai berair mata.

on the first night of the orientation week, there was an activity.
we were divided into 25 groups.
i was in group number 15.
there was this creepy guy..
he snapped pictures of girls without their permission O.O
since he was an active boy the other members minus me voted him as our leader.
i swear you guys could see me frowning at instance.
then he started to divided us into a few groups.
he placed me and 3 other girls in the same group as him and his friends.
my frown just getting more obvious.
he told us to come up with a cheer for the group.
i cant resist myself from changing my group and volunteered myself to do the public speaking.
finally im away from his reach.

to be continue :-)


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