first post as a degree student from home

salam :-)
second day of orientation week.
on that day we have hari bersama fakulti.
there was a talk by the dean.
i cant stand it. i was so sleepy.
all those sleepless nights were draining me out..

me: awak boleh tolong tak?
jiran sebelah: tolong ape?
me: tolong cubit saye kuat2.
jiran sebelah: *shocking face*
me: saye serius nie.. saye mengantok sangat.
jiran sebelah: *cubit*
me: kuat lagi boleh tak?
jiran sebelah: tak beranilah saye. anak orang awak nie..
me: mateylah jo..

on break time i stopped for zohor at sakura.
when i was halfway on the way back to my faculty.
i realised that i forgot my telekung there.
i ran back to grab them.
i was late for raptai majlis ikrar pelajar.
luckily i met atul and amoi.
so we are sticking like glue now.

on the night there was a saringan for malam rumpun budaya.
i was up there for public speaking representing my group.
i was with fatin.
i didnt won anything but i made a few friends.
there were gabriel and shirley.
gabby was awesome.
i mean he used to debate for his school.
so he's really relax and cool.
shirley was just being nice.
she accompanied me because she pity me that i need to go for all those trouble for the sake of the group alone.
sweet kan??

on the next day was majlis ikrar pelajar.
it was a simple and short ceremony.
then there was a talk on integrity.
all those bribery issues.
the feed backs from students were awesome.
but im not into all this politician stuff.
still it was a very motivating talk.

the majlis rumpun budaya was a thumbs up.
i mean we were only given 2 days to prepare all of those.
did i mention rachel was awesome on stage.
rachel represented her college for public speaking.
we still cheer for her though we're from different college.
cempaka won the cheers competition.
so... they won lah kan..
we had fun though we lost.

the orientation week went on with majlis bersama mpp.
they talk about their mission to palestin.
the obstacles and the dangers.
how the building next to them was bombed.
the palestinian difficult life.
i was in aww.. to face all of those everyday.
we should be grateful to live in malaysia.


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