first day of class

salam :-)
on monday, i woke up early to pick up the schedule from the office.
i had a maths placement test at 9 o'clock.
it was easy but i forgot all those formula.
we supposed to send in our documents on that day.
i left mine in my room.
i went back to the room by walking in the debris.
my clothes were soaking wet man..

after all of those me, amoi and atul went for lunch at lakeview.
we didnt went back to the room because we still have a class at 2 pm.
we got off early because it was just an introduction.
we went to the ko-op and cafe first to buy our dinner.
i know right. who buy dinner at 4 in the evening?
we have an faculty orientation on the night.
so we have to maximise our free time usefully.

i was in group 4.
there were an exco and 3 facilitators.
kak ain and ks are a bit quiet.
but kristy and the other guy are loud.
i forgot the other guy name.
when you have an easy name like moi.
everyone remember your name.

kristy: introduce yourself :-)
me: im amy yasmin from kuching and im majoring in network computing.
the other guy: where part in kuching?
me: kuching.. kuchinglah -.-
the other guy: kuching is big maa..
me: owh.. satok area?
the other guy: best! citygirl ah
me: :-D

that night we had to came up with a cheer for the group.
our group leader is hakimi aka kimi.
a guy from johor.
his look bugged me a lot.
he looks exactly like esam.
one of my girls ex-bf.

on our way back to the dorm...

atul: do you hear that?
me: music?
atul: yupe. shakira eh?
me: hips dont lie

then suddenly this guy, walked past through us.

atul: perey bodo!
me: yahhhhh.. antap.
atul: hardcore shakira.
me: bongek!

atul laughed all the way back. this guy is very nerdy. with his spect, his tucked in shirt, his high waist jeans. maybe he forgot his headset that night. thats why he decided to listen to the music full blast on his phone just like that. we called him shakira since then :-p


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