swimming in an ocean of books

salam :-)
hows your ramadhan so far?
mine is alhamdulillah.
hope yours same too.

today i went out with my sister.
we went to popular at tun jugah.
popular is taking the whole floor as their new store.
whats left upstairs is the food gallery.

i roamed around at only one section in the store.
malay novel. i actually tawaf the rack few times to look for novels.
after three times i managed to find contengan jalanan by hlovate.
then tawaf lagi to look for baju melayu hijau serindit by syud sampai kepala pun pusing-pusing plus fasting kan..
i couldnt found one :-(
i bought valentina nervosa by nurul syahida.
im a happy kid :-D
i almost yell hurrah in the store.
its the last one not even covered with plastics.

me in heaven :-)

my first attempt wearing a headband. yay or nay?


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