Ramadhan is knocking on my door

salam :-)
praise to Allah The Almighty.
done with the first day fasting and second night performing tarawikh.

first night is a bit of a challenge.
my sister said she's exhausted after performing the 6th rakaat.
eventually we'll got used to it kan?

im trying to recite Al-Quran in this holy months.
i did and guess what?
my tajwid is lintang-pukang.
i had to selongkar my stuff to check back with this tajwid book which my ustaz left for me.
theres nothing to embarrassed, life is a learning process kan..

anyway, my family is opening a kiosk at Hills.
selling all those clothes from Sufiya Collection.
im going to help a bit of here and there.
come lah and take a look.
especially for those who wants to buy clothes for Eid.

p/s my first ramadhan with Habib :-)


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