my blog is aging

salam :-)
i was scrolling around my dashboard then i clicked stats.
apparently this came out..
frankly speaking, i tot that the only person who read my blog is my friends and other malaysian bloggers who are seeking for things to fill their free time.

who in other parts of the world would read my blog.
i even write in sarawak dialect which im sure only sarawakian understand or others who somehow understand the dialect.
this blog is not even informative.
im really grateful that there are people out there found my life amusing
thank you dear readers.
who am i without you..
tho that sounds cliche but its the truth.

it seems like people are mistaking me for yasmin from bratz.
you know the cartoon.
and look at that, shah jazle.
now, do i have to hold a press conference and explain the situation to the public that IM NOT SHAH JAZLE'S GIRLFRIEND.
no comment *putting on sunnies and avoiding paparazzi*
perasaannnn lah sangat.

this is my advices to other bloggers out there.
im not as famous as anwar hadi and even terima anugerah from digi but hey this things you put on your blog is really annoying.
it makes me from the intention to seek for a great blog to read to scroll down without reading any of your post and see if you put up any chatterbox. i would like to leave my link.
im not bashing anyone, but thats what i do when i stumbled upon those things.

one entry per page.
this will definitely raised your traffic but when your current entry bored the hell out of me, im not going to click that older post button.
first impression matters.

not to mention that your loud music player yang tengah main lagu yang ntah-ape-ape keep on replaying on full blast because thats what happen when i need to read the next page.
now i yang kene mute my laptop =.='

next ads everywhere.
dekat header, dekat tepi tu, dekat bawah tu.
my god man, yes i know you are trying to make a living tapi berbual ko paham sik?
ads every end of a post.
have you ever heard about this thing call WORKING.
get your lazy ass off your laptop and get yourself a job.

too many pops out.
first would be a greetings. acceptable.
next, leave your link. acceptable.
then, please click my ads. you are starting to get on my nerve.
im not even sure if this is the last one, persuading you to click on the ads.
im on the other side is clicking the exit button when theres another pop out asking if im sure.
seriously? mun depan mata lamak dah ku tukuk ku banyak gilak songeh camya.

last but not least the follow-me-back syndrome.
pardon me but i only follow blogs that i REALLY read.
i dont do random just to gain followers.
im grateful for my current followers.
and i definitely read the linked list.
the reason i linked them not follow because i want the freedom to read those blog without logging in. tak nak lah leceh-leceh.
plus im promoting them to the readers.
this is some of my friends that do blogging, so check them out.

baca bismillah before tekan publish post.
if you geram because terase.
do bash me back. lol!!
bukan belakang-belakang okay.
straight to my face.
then again, this is my personal opinion.
thats your blog, you can do whatever you want with it.
i coughed too much. nak pergi carik ubat batuk cap ibu dan anak dekat dapur pasnie.


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