letter to my 12-years-old me

dear 12-years-old amy,

im sure you are in the middle of primary six right now. no sweat honey, you'll score your UPSR and enter a good school okay? dont start sleeping in classes because once you've done that it will become a habit. a bad one. snap into reality and daydreams is a no-no okay boo? no need to wonder what will happen to you in 7 years time because im giving you some heads up on your future. here goes nothing.

this is embarrassing but hey, we both know you are some happy geeks. you will grow up around a big-mostly-happy family and drama queen friends. there are times you will feel like britney spears because of all those drama. what happened to britney? she's not those goody-goody two shoes disney star anymore. you'll found out in a few years.

when you turned 13, you'll learnt the meaning of crush. oh no silly you. not that crush as in things. crush as in lovey-dovey. so meet azman. he's your senior. a cool one with the brain. you like him because he resemble beego. there was this a drama going on and beego was in it. you were into beego at that time. dont worry, that wont last. you're going to be into remy ishak next time. plus azman moved to other school after a few months.

in class, you will sit next to ezzah and behind haziq and shukri for the next 3 years. bear with it. you'll miss ezzah snores, shuk's pranks and haziq jokes. pack extra nuggets and prawn sticks for shuk and haziq. there is going to be some dramas. you'll do fine. your ignorant is a bliss.

as you turned 15, you'll be going back and forth to normah. no, you dont suffer from gastric anymore. late nek pa is going to be sick. you'll be a regular at normah's cafe for a month. you'll miss him. Al-Fatihah. this actually strengthen the family bond. everybody make time to drop by at kampung. plus you aced your PMR. give yourself a pat at the back.

as you turned 17, meet azlan. the boy who you should have break his neck. do not get addicted to his texts. he is a CAPITAL NO-NO. he'll left you for other girls. brace yourself because he'll broke up with you twice via text. you'll found out he cheated on you when you were doing your matriculation programme from fanaa.

speaking of boys, you will meet habib. slightly chubby boy who always sit at the back during tuition class during form five. you will bond with him. he will always give you this warm feeling when you are around him. remember him and pay attention to him. because from sitting behind you, he will start sitting next to you. he has this feeling for you and he will help you through thick and thin. you two will get serious on 11 february 2011 after months of sticking together like a glue.

you will be doing matriculation programme in labuan. barely survived but you graduated eventually. you will meet anisah and emma and reunited with efa. those three is your personal entertainer. aisyah will illegally became your roommate and you guys become close day since. and you will start to wear hijab there.

you are going to take computer networking in unimas. you are going to be pissed because you didnt apply for that in your application. you are going to meet fatin when you pay for you fee and found out that she's your third cousin or something like that.

your siblings is still as annoying as ever. but they will learn to miss you when you are away. whenever you lay down, your sister is still going to lay on your butt because she said its comfy-er than her pillow. and your brother always managed to get on your nerve every morning.

as for the parents, they stay the same i guess. but mummy got a bit fat. she'll annoys you when she keep asking why her pants getting smaller and you will annoy her back by saying she's fat now. she'll tease you in the morning by slamming you in face with a pillow and spanking your precious butt to wake you up. daddy is daddy, still got the tempered but he will learn to set you free bit by bit.

so thats where you will be in seven years time. enjoy your moment because lots of problem are ahead as you grow older. but you'll do fine and stop wandering your soul into novels. you are not going to have those life.

sincerely, 19-years-old amy.


  1. I'm sooo loving this post of yours. KAY

  2. computer networking? seriously? haha. i can 'smell' my junior here *sniff :)

  3. eh eh i think you misspelled it. i think is should be network computing instead of computer networking. there are a huge diff among those two courses! :)

  4. oh my! future-to-be senior. diff eh those two? typo. hehe! blh lah mintak tunjok ajar nie :-)

  5. byk beza ya. hehe. bila ktk masok bah? :)

  6. 6hb :-) susah x course ya? tkt mek xda basic..

  7. erm amy, pm kmk kat fb jak juh. gimme your email, kelak kmk add ktk.

  8. i follow u dear. nice entry anyway:)


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