keep your friend close and your enemy closer

salam :-)
its a week before eid..
tomorrow fiza's is coming home!
and the day after tomorrow is ernie's turn.
speaking of friends, let me introduce some of old friend of mine.

Fadzillah :-)
these are the people from my early days of school.
and i met this girl way beyond that.
i was a friend of her cousin back then in kindergarten.
she amused me with her curly hair.
and apparently we sat next to each other in my first ever class in primary school.
recently, i stumbled upon her mom at a shop.
auntie remember me even with hijab on tho she hesitated at first.

Zulhijah :-)
she was my friend until she moved when we were in primary 3 i think.
its been so long. i dont remember.
her hair was more or less like fadzillah.
it amused me always.
we met in friendster after all these time then in facebook.
she always manage to find my account.
i always remember her as a really tall girl then we met in matrics, i guess i outgrown her..

Efariza :-)
she's my classmate from primary 1 until 6.
then i met her and again in matrics and she's my classmate.
after so long, we never had any awkward moments.
her sister was my senior when i was in high school.
she of course remember because i always hang out at their house after class and all.
oo aji efa! im not sure if you'll read this tapi tolonglah neguk 2-3 igek gelas nescafe before kelas kelak di utm ah.
mata kitak mun ngantok nang dewa lah dasyat nya..
kamek orang tok sekda nak pakey tolong naboh nampar kitak mun tertidor kelak di cya..
kelak mun missed segala dak lecture moha nyawa sik tauk papa.
sik nya gya? yahhhhh. keluar dah mode haji hajah ku.

Fahdina :-)
same as efa we're classmate in primary school and college mate in matrics.
i like her sense of style for tribal.
it suite her.
she amused me with those little things.
i remember she used to collect wooden pencils.
those pencils when we sharpen them, the trash is actually newspapers.
im an easy audience okay.
those things make me happy.

Syazana :-)
she's my awesome partner in crime.
we do crime together but never good deeds. lol!!
we're best friend when we were in primary school then we constantly met for tuition classes both in form 3 and form 5.
her mom and her sisters know me.
me and my sister know them.
we have each other back no matter what.
and it annoyed her the most when i do things with my nose which no one else notice..

Hazierah :-)
this girl really know how to brighten anybody days.
she always cracked me up when we met.
we're playmate when we're in primary school.
i never was her classmate or anything but we hang out when its break time.
and she always sent the wrong text to me.
luckily nothing is personal so far ;-)

Qurratul :-)
she moved in when we were in primary 4 or 5?
we used to called her with this nickname which i forgot because she looked like the main actress in this thailand drama.
thailand dramas were famous back then.
she's currently preparing to fly to ireland to further her study in medicine.
good luck tul!!

Nadia :-)
she was my mate in matrics.
whenever i saw her, she always reminded of someone.
then one fine morning when i was walking to class along with her it hit me that she was my tuition mate when i was primary six..
it took me so long to remember that.
the tuition class used to have 4 seats in a row..
and in every class it has always been her, a friend of her which i forgot the name, me and syaz.
always! we were inseparable kan nad?

things about me is that i dont forget faces.
especially those who used to mean something to me.
it doesnt need to be hari raya to reconnect with old friends.
a simple hi has a long way to go.
my azam for this year eid is to go to everyone house.
insyaAllah plus i have one extra house to be visit this raya kan Habib?

p/s credits to facebook because i snatched these pictures from there


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