hi! im amy.. im 19 years old and i have issue with my parents especially my dad..
no parents in this world who doesnt love their kids.
we as children understand this.
we love you too dear dad and mom..

dear parents, you raised us well.
its time for you to set us free.
you need to trust us.
more important you need to trust yourself.

dear dad, you need to trust me.
i need you to let me colour my own life.
i need your guidance, yes..
yet its my call.

this is me frustrating over my own life.
i hate following others butt because when something went wrong,
i tend to blame others.
i cant blame myself if its my decision.

when i said i want to take diploma and im not confidence doing matriculation programme a year ago, you need to trust me.
i know my own limit.
when im in matrics and said i want to change my course to accountancy because i cant stand science subjects, you need to trust me in that too.
because i've work my ass off over the semester and the results is just frustrating.
enough about study because im nowhere in achieving any of my dreams now.

when i said im out friend without mentioning any names.
yes im out with my boyfriend.
i went out late in the evening to have iftar with him..
i reached home sharp at 9 pm because i didnt went wild and how you said it menconteng arang di muka keluarga.
i do tell you my whereabouts didnt i?
i just didnt tell you who am i with.
how can you tell you that when you act like that.

hi! im amy. im 19 years old and i have issues with my parents.
i cant tell them everything even if i want to because they cant handle them.
am i not worth your trust?


  1. We shouLd be gLad our dads are strict to us . But , you're 19 and I think u have the right to choose your own life . Tell your dad then :) I hate being controlled ;)

  2. tell me about it. negotiating with my dad is always an epic fail.

  3. maybe boleh cuba slow talk with them about how you feel.mana laa tau..ur parents will listen :)


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