i was a bit harsh

salam :-)
i went out to have iftar with aisyah and fiza.
and watched final destination at spring.
that movie gave me a heart attack every freaking 5 seconds.
the worst way you can think of dying huh??

but, im here not to write about that.
but something else.
my mom worked for half of the day only today.
so i had to send her home in the noon.

before i dropped her off.
i gained my courage to ask her about my dad.
there's no way i could ask her about that straight in her eyes
so i thought when she's busy bringing things out from the car is the correct moment.
me and my so called courage.

me: ma, did dad said anything about that night?
mama: nope. i did't asked him anything too.
me: really? (my mom is very nosy fyi)
mama: yupe.
me: ...
mama: dear, you're all grown up now.. i understand how teenagers work. i was once too remember. your dad just felt that you grew up too fast. he's not ready for all of this. you're his first experience of raising an adolescence. plus you are a girl. he's just worried about you. all this changes is too sudden and new for him.. give him some time. he'll get used to it. you in the other hand, don't grow up too fast. take your time. enjoy your youth. dont' rebel too much and use the freedom we're giving you wisely *smiling. shut the door and walked out*

i stared at my mom walking away for a while. and all this while i never thought my mom would be so ... understanding. i gave my mom so much hard time this few days. i'll never discover this side of her if i didn't sit and asked to have a talk with her properly. well, sort of. it was those moment where i would love to hug her and apologize for acting like a brat these few days. we're not really that affectionate but i wish we were. i mean the whole family.

love and care in my family means. dad would text me and said how pissed he is with me, dad would close one for eyes in my sister matter but he would picked up a hanger to teach my brother lessons. mom would sit next to expressed she's there for me without saying a word, mom would nagged for hours until my sister learnt her lessons which she never did and she would throw pillows at my brother to expressed how pissed she is.

meanwhile for the three of us. we sisters like to smacked each other to expressed how pissed we are at each other or we quit talking to each other which most of the time lasted for two hours and we hang out as if nothing happen. the brother, we get along the most when we're not talking to each other.

nevertheless, dear ma and pa.
happy anniversary!
which im not sure which is it because im bad remembering numbers.
i will always love you no matter how rebellious i am.
thank you for everything.


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