im lame no?

salam :-)
sorry for the MIA.
i went sleepover at my own house for the last few days.
get it? sleepover at ur own house..
thats what happen when u crashed ur gramps house since kid and refuse to leave.

i had some ops! moment.
i accidentally sent text to my uncle which im suppose to send to Habib.
of course that made my dearest usu day.
and he managed to keep the urge to himself the whole day until after iftar.
oh well! he expected to much from me.
i just shrugged it off and said oh well.
sorry usu u have to try harder next time.

on the last night there the whole family watched haunted changi.
my sister even stopped revising for her trial and lekat depan tv okay.
she sat depaaaan sana ( saying this with sabahan slang )
my mom and my brother hid under blanket while watching this.
my mom tried scared us off by switching off the light

me: ma, its ramadhan. that trick is not going to work.
mama: then why are you so worked up?
me: because i have night blindness remember?

my gramps bought some gorgeous shawls for me.
my gramps definitely has a great taste okay.
and speaking of shawls, izan text me and asked where i bought all of my shawls.
so i said some from my uncle's boutique, some from labuan, some from kk, some from kl and some from all around kuching.
u need to open ur eyes wide when going shopping.
see? thats why i always over budget everytime.

today i forgot to fetch my sister from school.
she was really pissed. muahahahahah!
i swore it was not on purpose.
i was supposed to pick her up at 1 pm but i went at 1.15 pm.
i drove as fast as i could to reach there.
i even drove at 110 km/h
and it was fantabulously fun!!
eheh! kalau kene saman mun macam best kan?
ngehehe! thats all y'all. sopan lu anak dara.
salam peeps! shopping raya ingat2 lah kat i :-p
pardon me. im on sugar high.

p/s to dearest aisyah! goodluck with the interview *fingers crossed*


  1. okay first. thanks for the wish bebibuuuu!! (eeuww) next, mun bukan ramadhan pun i think ure not gonna freak outttt AMY bahhhhhh. lastly, baboooooooooo punya kakak! ho ho ho

  2. u should talk like that with baba. suit u guys :-p wonderwoman bah ney leh takut2.


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