Blog Day 2011

Hi! This is six awesome blogs which I love to read and I really think that people should check them out. Their blogs are either relatable or I would have to say awesome to put them in one word. Here goes nothing.

He's a 19 years old guy who went to the same college with me. I was hooked to his blog from the first time i stumbled upon it. I even scrolled all of his older posts. He usually used images from Google for his entries but recently he thought of getting in touch with his creativity side and drew all the images himself. He's originally from Sabah but somehow speak fluent Bahasa Melayu and sarcasm. He writes from a different perspective and just blew your mind away.

She's an architecture graduate slash photojournalist. Recently she has started working at a firm. The way she put how her boss hate pink colour and keep some sort of resentment towards his workers to the limit everyone is wishing to get fired is hilarious. She managed to quit thought since she's going to further her studies.

She's just an ordinary girl. She writes about herself, her family and her friends. Common stuff but her entries never failed to bring smile to my face. She reminded me of all those little things which in the end are the big things. Those things which most people tend to overlook. She keep her entries short and meaningful.

She's an awesome author. I'm one of her biggest fan. I love how she's so ... herself. She keep things real. Her life is how she picture it revolve around novels, Milo ice and instant noodle. I'm not sure how many languages she speaks because to me she seems to understand Indonesian and Mandarin too.. I said this because she did translation for Indonesian movies and review for Chinese movies. Somehow she always seems busy and has pile or works waiting for her.

Her blog is about her, her husband and their pets. Plus the fact that this is also a fashion blog. She's a certified shopaholic. Her husband came up with a new system to keep track of her financial account. Recently she was featured in In La Mode Outre Singapore. She has an awesome sense in fashion and love vintage stuff. Personally I think she got it from her mom because all those passed down stuffs from her mom are awesome.

The Other Khairul seems to be famous for his smack to the face writing style. Full with sarcasm which are also the truth is how he does thing. He writes most of his entries from questions he received from either Twitter or Formspring. The feedbacks received from all his entries are overwhelming. The Other Khairul also love Lisa Surihani which is too obvious.


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