salam :-)
its almost eid people.
bahang raya is officially terasa when u see lots of people buying baju dekat ses pesona.

im going to miss ramadhan.
i prefer celebrating ramadhan at home because it gives me no reason to escape tarawikh.
when i was at labuan i escaped a lot..

while im writing this, my sister is revising for her trial.
thats the reason i have nights off this week.
no one is going to accompany me to surau.
theres no way im going alone.
at least i did a full round everytime i go kan?
eheh! k nyaman hati jak ya.

on to the next story, i havnt have iftar with habib yet.
we'll see this week ya.
the first week was with ze family.
second was with my pak nek and mak nek..
i'll try to make it this week because im sure next week is going to be with the girls because everyone is going to be back in town by then.
fiza ambik cuti awal seminggu dengan pengesahan sendirinya.
she really treat upm as if her mom's owned it.

my dad said he'll give raya budget this weekends.
i might just heret habib shopping kan sampai dia berbual. hehe!
im not that mean.
i'll go shop with my sister lorh.
its not like i have things to buy.
thats a lie, i mean there are but just a few.
i mean it *pinky promise*

all of this also means that i should prepare for my university entrance day too *sigh*
wish me luck.
i need buckets full of them.
to the seniors please be nice to us.
we never had seniors before at matriculations so everyone is pretty much nice to everyone.
excluded some.
aisyah remember that girl we share taxi to the airport? hehe!
*seal my mouth* sik bagus mengumpat.
and i still kept her phone number.
later i minta maaf batin banyak2 because i dont think i owe her any zahir mistake :-p

im praying not to get any mentally unstable roommate which will cause me a lot of sins because of badmouthing.
to dearest aisyah my advice would be, u need to get a morning person roommate dude.
because its either that or waking up late for class.
im not going to be there to wake u up in the morning.
she always said to spill water over her if i had difficulties to wake her up in the morning tapi sik kempang bah ngek.
i even threaten her im not going to do some renjis2 but i'll take sebaldi air pasya curah kat mukanya berik mandik terus.
she even agreed to that.
as tempting as that sound, i never actually did it.
heh! i should have done that *smirk*

thats all from me people!
i want to text Habib and kacau him drooling over Girls Generation.
salam! may u have a meaningful ramadhan.


  1. whats her name again? is it wani? :D i think ME yg ptt change myself n be a morning person instead (muka diat haha) so this week is for habiib. next week with your ganggg. HOW ABOUT ME? sedeh eh :'( datang emo

  2. alu nak emo.. u hah? u bila free ngek? marek shopping srg mek.. tsk tsk..

  3. ktk shopping salah timeee. haha kmk dah free dah tok. jom jom


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