what should I do

the upu result was out yesterday.
honestly I'm freaking devastated.
I'm fine with the university.
but what is up with the course man??
I didn't applied for that. pfft!

my dad told me he'll pay a visit to Unimas and ask if I could change my course.
what should I change it to?
I mean there's no architecture, qs or estate management there.
my aunt said the only way to change the university and course is I have to finish a semester then I could change it.
I have to waste another 6 months!

so my dad gave me two alternatives which are civil and economy.
knowing my dad, he would want me to pursue civil.
it's just that I'm not sure if I can handle that.
i don't want to work my ass off and got low pointer as i was in matriculations.
I'm pissed man..


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