too much huh??

salam :-)
i want to share a conversation me and my dad just now.

dad: baby, do you have some cash? (my family called my baby fyi)
me: no. i have an empty wallet.
dad: then do you need some cash?
me: yes.. i have lots of things to buy..
dad: so you want some?
me : no, thank you.
dad: *walking away*

im weird kan?
its just that my dad have to pay for my university fee by this end of the month.
i dont want to be a burden to him.
yes, he can withdraw his EPF.
but hey, i have another two little siblings waiting for their turn to enroll into university.
plus my little brother used lots of money everyday.
he just ate a lot..

i dont handle money very well.
so i told my mom if she could bring me to shop some stuffs at guardian.
i just dont like the idea of asking my parents for money.
i always get embarrassed if i asked too often.
is that normal?

since fiza is going to be in town for the week.
im most probably going to hang out with her.
things about my babes is that, we just want to hang out.
i want her to bring me to her mom's shop.
her mom own a shop that sell desserts.

i think i have to save up.
i need a new pair of lens.
i want to buy some shawls.
i want to buy new novels.

this bring back memories.
back then when i was in Labuan.
me and aisyah were in a shop.
aisyah said we should buy iPhone cover for future use.
then she said "nahhhh.. you wont ask anything from your parents"
so should i learn to ask? will that be too much?
im not being nice. i just worried too much i guess.


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