say hi to love

salam :-)
im done with the blog challenge so lets write something.
my fingers done with their holidays.

yesterday, i went out with Aisyah to St. Teresa Food and Fair.
we went there just to finish her coupons worth Rm10 which her mom bought.
we met Azri, Lala and Rho there.
i almost forgot Intan and Nurel :-)

we roamed around.
Aisyah bought some nasi and drinks for herself and moi..
then we went back.
i mean she went back.

i went to the Spring.
i have a date with Habib of course.
we want to watch Transformer but the halls were packed.
we watched Monte Carlo instead.
sorry sayang u had to bear the chick flicks with me.

we bumped into peoples.
first we bumped into Rahim's girlfriend.
he brought her visiting to my house last Raya so thats how i recognized her.
plus shes my college's mate.

then there is this couple who participated recently in Amazing Race Asia.
i didnt realised them till Habib asked me to look to the left while we were having lunch.
it was Hilda and Ivan with their kid. their daughter to be precise.
she looks a lot like her dad. i mean the nose, the skin, the accent. lucky duck!

next on list was Nea.
she said i date too much =.='
she was with some friends.
she wanted to watch Transformer too but ...
so hi bye nea see u later.

next! i wanted to go so bad while we were in the hall.
i asked Habib to accompany me.
while i was in the WC Habib met Maman.
apparently he was on a date too.
im not sure which one is his date cause all i think about while in there was i need to go badly.

next! im starting to sound like a nurse whos calling for the patients.
we met Habib's lecturer.
Ustaz is still a lecturer kan kan kan?
meheheheh! someone going to be lecture once going back to campus.
i always heard about the Ustaz and i met him today.

then there was Habib's friend.
Habib is the class rep.. shes the assistant.
Habib said she always so curious about me cause we been keeping it too low.
so i flashed her a hi-nice-to-meet-u-smile.

Habib cut his hair short :-/
im not a fan of it and he knows that.
he wore the tee today and it fit him just nice.
dont u think u're lucky to have girlfriend who has a good taste like moi?? :-P

and i just got back from Kak Nora's birthday celebration.
she had it at Sinar Serapi.
nice place but too far away.
we had a good dinner with the families.

im getting sleepy and Habib is already in dreamland.
so goodnight peeps and salam :-)


  1. aie.. sebelom bulan 9 dtg bah.. bila gik nak dating tym ya.


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