inhale and exhale

salam :-)
I had a talked with my dad yesterday.
he said the with that degree I cant find a job in Kuching.
most probably I end up being a teacher.
TEACHER! I'm so not interested.
I know what you guys are going to think,
how can he know that?
a cousin of mine who live in front of my house took the same degree at Unimas and end up being a teacher.

my dad even suggested me to take a diploma again.
he said he didn't know I'm not interested in engineering.
if not he didn't ask me to do matriculation programme.
if he asked first back then he would know.
didn't he noticed I didn't apply for any engineering at first place.
I'm not sure what is going happen next.
you know what?
I'll just go with flow.

after all the drama.
I was hungry.
so i went to cook something.
guess what?
I splashed some hot oil to my hands.
all the red and blue mark, the swollen.
beautiful I told you.
this morning I woke up with 7 dark marks on my hand.
not so pretty hands anymore.

its 12 in the evening and I managed to ignore my phone.
I went to my room to check it and there were 4 miscalled from my sister and my mom.
as expected I guess.
something about me is that, I don't open up much to people.
when I open up to you, that's mean you mean something to me.
things ending up like this is the reason I don't talk to people.
I don't fight or stand for anything.
my past hurts you.
it hurts me more when you somehow act like one too.


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