im still 18

salam :-)
this is week im the man of the house again.

yesterday, my aunt called and told me that a relative passed away.
he's my nenek saudara who lived in Niah.
Nek Ngah Taib, Al-Fatihah.
so my nenek and aunt went to Niah by bus last night with some family members.
my dad and the uncles will be going there tonight.

so last night i slept at my own house.
this morning my dad sent my lil sis and mom.
while me and my lil bro off to kampong the minute i woke up.

it was almost lunchtime so i tot i supposed to cook something.
then it hit me that my mom brought the rice cooker home last night.
so Daneil and i went to buy meals at Satok.
Jammed man.. dah lah police are everywhere.

i went to SCR Express because its near and lengang.
when i walked in, all eyes were on me.
i text Habib and told him that.
Habib said its because i look mummy-ish.
i look like 26 yo and Daneil's mom
nice one sayang =.='

i just got back from sending Daneil to school.
and i havent perform Zohor yet..
so tata people.
have a relaxing weekends because i know i wont.
i have to send and fetch my mom and Daneil tomorrow.
my mom have to work and Daneil got band thingy.
im lucky my sister got no tuition class tomorrow.


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