im a no one

salam :-)
im those species who have a short-term memory.
mine is critical man..

this is when i found my blog useful.
i would just scrolled thru my blog when i need to recall things.
whenever i update my blog, the most late is a few days before the event.
i cant remember a thing when a week passed.

if u are wondering why im telling u this.
its because i cant recall a thing from last week.
i mean when i did the blog challenge.

today i went to send Habib the cupcakes i made.
i was supposed to bring those to him last Saturday on our date.
oh well.. i forgot. no exception to anyone.

when i got home..
nenek: bie.. ada meli pusuk tek?
me: yarhhhhh! mek lupak.
nenek: x heran.
me: aok mek g meli lah tok..
seeee.. im that terrible.


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