feeling homey

salam :-)
fiza is in town baby.
im sure that ernie is dying from jealousy that she cant join us.

we hit mcd first untuk memenuhi tuntutan perut.
then we went to perkeso, telekom and kwsp.
fiza needed informations to do her assignments.
kononnya nak set up a company yang memang tak akan wujud.

going out with fiza means going mad.
when we were at telekom.
she needed to go so bad.
we went upstairs to look for washrooms.
the thing was, there was a man washroom and the room that is next to it was locked and no sign was put on it.
as a normal human being, we assume the room is woman washroom.
fiza couldnt held it in any longer so ...
oh yes she used the man washroom.
i did the perfect job as a watchman until ...

me: *holding fiza's bag to her*
fiza: *cracking up with laughter*
me: *looking back*
uncle: salah guna washroom owh..
fiza: ya locked bah..
uncle: perempuan atas lah..
me: owhhhh..
uncle: adoiyai. ada orang lain gik dalam?
fiza: sekda pak cik.. haha! sorry!
me and fiza: *running down the stairs laughing*

we headed to spring after done with everything.
there was an art exhibition there.
habib said the cheetah and bears were his cousins work.
the cheetah is a two thumb up :-)
we actually spent our time siting there doing nothing.
okay that was a lie..
we snap lotssss of picture of course.
im a qualified narcissist.

cream cheese! new addiction baby!

yummy chicken soup :-)

headless steelman now has fiza's head

ur blocking my view man

this is too big for me

i love these. soooo my things

orang dara berselak nya koh..

i was tired of fooling around.

psst! fiza said its look like im going to get my body back to size 2.


  1. x gunaaaaaaa!!!!! oh btw. cne art exhibition?

  2. mesti ko jelesssssssssssssss nak.. spring lorh!


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