wrap up

salam :-)
its 6 in the morning and im updating my blog.
im fasting so bangun sahur tadi tak dapat sambong tidor lagi dah..
plus its the only time in the world my broadband can be used.

i think i should warp up KL Trip entries.
on the fourth day in KL, i went visiting my aunt.
shes my mother older sister.
she lives in KL with her 4 kids.
my uncle is currently working in JB but he always go back home on weekends.
only Kak Angah was home on that day.
Kak Along and Bang Anip went to work.
while Ikhwan has went back to campus.

it was Friday so my uncle and Danish went to perform Solat Jumaat.
we were packing our things to go to Ipoh while waiting.
and off we went to Ipoh.
it was a long and tiring journey.
we reached Ipoh at night.
we were staying at Cik Ida's family house.

the next day, we woke up early and off to Penang.
we went to Bukit Bendera first.
we were hoping to ride on that train-look-alike thingy.
however its look like we might have to queue forever.

we went to the beach.
i had to go so bad.
so we went to the bathroom.
Paying RM1.00 for an entry.
thats mad i told you..

we stopped for a while at Queensbay Mall,
we had our meal there.
then my sister and i went to Forever 21, my sister bought a wallet, a pair of sandals and a pair of flip flop.
she was roaming the store for almost an hour before she can made her mind.
it was sort of pissing me off.

on the night, we headed back to KL.
i was puking everything i ate in Penang.
maybe Penang foods are not meant for me :-p
i managed to held myself back through out the journey.

as i reached home, i headed first to the washroom.
puking like crazy.
i cant sleep that night.
my tummy was meragam.
i was up until morning.
looking like zombie.
feeling like a mess.

i managed to get ready to fly back to Kuching.
i was looking for seats or toilet after every 10 minutes walking.
i let out a sigh of relief as i took my seat on the plane.
i finally fell asleep like a baby.
i was jet lagging.
went to the washroom once and no puking.

i reached Kuching.
and the odd was, Nellie text me saying shes just outside.
she is in charge for the Unimas new intake.
we hugged and talked a bit.

guess what happened when im home?
demam terok that night.
i cant barely walk.
my dad asked if i wanted to go to clinic.
i said to him.
i just wanted to have a good rest.
makan pun 3 suap jerr..
amat luar biasa..

this is a long entry.
it would be weird if i posted few pictures.
so enjoy! everything is mixed up.


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