tuck in a message in a momiji

salam :-)
im back in Kuching.
let me apologised first for abandoning my blog.

i was not feeling well for the past few days.
and old friend of mine called gastric paid me a visit while i was on my way back to KL from Ipoh.
i know.. i know..
i told all of u about trip to KL but didnt mention a word about Ipoh right?
or Penang?

we started our third day in KL by visiting Rumah Kaca AF.
my grandma was really anticipating that.
the students were out for lunch when we arrived.
we were lucky that we found Aznil roaming around the mall.
my aunt and grandma took some pictures with him..
i would post them here but i dont have them with me.

then we went to Ikea.
i would want to play around in Ikea.
but the day was getting late so my sister and i went shopping instead.

i have a new addiction.
its called Treats!
i mean the shop is called Treats.
i bought a pair of wedges and some pants there.

i also bought a really cool handbag from a kiosk at Curve.
plus an owl ring. i bought the ring for Rm10.
and of course i went to Brands Outlet.
i always went there to buy my tees.
and we stumbled upon a cool shop.
click the link to visit their blog shop.
enjoy this photos!

its a baby :-)

can u see our resemblance?

meet my cousin, Ikhwan Danish.

yummy-looking cupcakes!

they are message dolls called momiji!

look what i found!


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