KL trip

salam :-)
im currently in KL.
im staying at my uncle's house in Kelana Jaya.

yesterday i arrived here.
my uncle was working when i arrived.
so we went killing time downstairs.

muka yang penoh kebosanan.

im sleepy :-(

bukak mata besar-besar.

TA DA! my sister. muahahahaha!
behind there is my aunt.

at night, we went out for dinner.
i was full before my food arrived.
i was eating my sister's tom yum. lol!!

i was bloated.

today we went to sunway pyramid.
im a happy kid :-D
i shopped till my feet got blisters.

my first attempt with tapered pants

i bought lots of pants and a skirt.
yupe. its not a typo.

i havent figure out yet how to wear this :-/

i also bought this top.
i love the hem..
i cant find any batwings.


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