im not a fool

salam :-)
i dont write much these days.
writers block.
chewah! i sounded like a famous novelise who is having trouble with her work sedangkan tulis blog jer pun..

last Friday, i went out with Aisyah.
i took the wrong route to her house.
when i said the wrong route, i mean i had to menongkah arus.
ya Rabbi! bahasa..
i was panicking when there were lots of car came from the opposite road.
other road users must tot im crazy or something.

we went to pay my grandma's Astro bill at Spring.
i felt like an adult.
its my first time.

then we went to One Jaya Mall.
its really cool there.
i love the stores and the clothes.
unfortunately im broke.

then we watched Dylan Dog..
i hate it when i got Dejavu.
there are times while we were in the hall i felt like i already experienced that situation.
dont you?

we headed to my house first.
Rizq was presence.
he fooled around with Aisyah.
he said shes pretty and gave her new nicknames.
i mean how can Aisyah became bobo or jenot.
=.=' kids..

my family and i went to sent Aisyah home first before we went to my uncle's house in Sukma.
he held a small family gathering.
and the member of family were watching Maharaja Lawak together.

the boyfriend was explaining the location of his house.
i have a night blindness problem.
giving direction to me of unknown place at night can be a challenge.
we almost surrender to each other. lol!!


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