how i wear it

salam :-)
as everybody knows, im new to this wearing hijab thingy.
yesterday, i looked up in youtube about the tutorials.
i found how to wear smart messy style.
it was very simple.
but i made a few changes to it.

in the video, this is where this lovely lady made the first wrap.
she basically just wrap it and move on to the next wrap.
on the other hand, what i did was i pinned the shawl with my inner on top of my head to secure it.
i didnt want my neck to show so i made a tight wrap instead of a loose one.

this is how you will look like.
i dislike the fact that the shawl was not covering the chest.
so i brought my shawl to the front to cover my chest.

this is how i wear it.
make sure that the back part of the shawl is not too short.
and please hide the other rumbai thingy.
when you wear it like me
one end side will be in front.
so hide them with the layers okay?


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