day seven

10 important people

i have too many of them. i cant shortlist them.

i was a lot cuter back then :-p

this is actually pretty much everyone.
theres my nek su in brown tudong and nek anjang in songkok (sitting).
from right nek mok, then u can see my ngah and mok in orange far left.
back there u can see my dad and my usu in orange too behind mok.

my little family. i had to crop myself out :-p

the aunties.
both sitting in the middle are my cik in brown and my udak in black.
standing u can see my ngah.
the others are my second aunt.
sitting from right is my usu rimah and far left is my anjang niko.
standing fromn left is my mok lijot, mak cik su and usu lyn.
too many usu? usu rimah is my nek mok daughter while usu lyn is my usu najib's wife.
whos usu najib? u can see him in the second photo standing in grey shirt.

everyone meet everyone.
from left is naz, lina, ezzah, fiza, faen and faez.
at the back there is nursa.

ehem! ada orang nyaruk. ahahah!
there is ummi next to faen.
back there are ernie, fiza and nat.
there the two boys behind there are feezi and afif.
afif called me pusak fyi.
i dont look like cats.
thats ridiculous.

amy, emma anisah and emma :-)
efa is a bit of makcik-makcik. she talk like one. ahahaha!
anisah hobby is drolling over hot huys. seriously! she always run and dragged me together with her just to catch a sight of her dream man. kononnya lah..
emma is a bit wacky. she dont care what-so-ever people think of her.

meet aisyah. wehehehehhe!

last but not least, habib!
ahahaha! he's gonna pissed when he read this post.
rambut golong muka gaok :-P
guess what? the tee i bought for him is a bit big.
at least its not small kan??


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